Top payday lenders direct loans -Direct payday lenders: get money now

Direct payday lenders: get money now

Loans direct payday lenders at are low-interest loans aimed at all people. Bad Credit? No problem!

The idea is to encourage those who have the dream of opening popular ventures like beauty salon, cakes shop, sewing workshop, among others, or invest in improvements in their existing businesses.

Microcredit is simple, quick, easy to approve, and has little bureaucracy. In the middle of it all you still have the help of a microcredit agent , who is a person who will visit your place of work to better understand your need.

That’s exactly what you read: in microcredit, the bank goes to you!

This loan can help you in expanding stocks, remodeling the store, painting the facade, buying equipment, but not to take out personal debts.

We put some options at the end of the post, check it out!

Values, deadlines and rates

Values : from R $ 100 up to R $ 15 thousand

Time to pay: 4 to 24 months

Loan Opening Rate: up to 3% of the amount granted

Interest rate: Maximum 4% per month (ie maximum 60% per year)

The first time you apply for a microcredit, the amounts and deadlines for payment are lower. This is because the bank still does not know you right. These values ​​and deadlines will naturally increase as your business goes well and you are known to the bank and microcredit agents.

And on interest, they are actually very low. At most 4% per month!

Just so you can compare: Do you know how much interest the overdraft is? More than 12% per month on average!

And the personal loan? 7% per month on average! That is, depending on the bank, you can pay much more expensive than that.

Meanwhile, microcredit charges a maximum of 4% per month. On average, microcredit interest rates are 2% per month. This makes a gross difference in your business at the end of each month.

Small businesses take advantage of smaller interest in microcredit.

Who can apply?

Any business owner that bills up to $ 120,000 per year. Attention, it is not profit! It’s Billing! (That is, everything you collect from sales or service, without discounting costs).

Both natural and legal persons can ask. That is, you can have MEI (Individual Entrepreneur) or not. But if you already have your CNPJ, this can make it easier.

Another important factor: the amount of the installment can not exceed one-third of your income! It is better to extend the loan for a longer period than to commit too much of your monthly budget.

You do not need to put anything into collateral (like home or car), nor have proof of income. Nevertheless, submitting your bank statement can help you a lot.

But if you do not have a bank statement to present, there is no problem. The guarantee can be given through a solidarity group.

Group Loan: the solidarity guarantee

Without proof of income, the guarantee can be made through solidarity groups. With the participation of two to five entrepreneurs, the loan is in everyone’s name, which divides the responsibility for the payment.

If a person does not pay, everyone pays that late installment of it. If nobody pays, everyone gets their name dirty and can not get more credit in the square.

So, the responsibility of the loan is the whole group . The idea is for everyone to help each other grow together (and, of course, be able to repay the loans).

Microcredit for Negative, Autonomous or Informal

Microcredit can also meet negatives! It is more difficult because the person will already have a history of bad payer, but it is possible, especially because of solidarity groups.

And as for the so-called autonomous or informal, it does not have the slightest problem either. This is what microcredit is for.

And in the middle of the way, you will end up seeing that it is a good idea to formalize and do your MEI. This way you will start to contribute to the INSS, have your CNPJ, be able to issue invoices, and pay only one ticket per month (around R $ 50).

How to make?

#1. Put together whatever documents you have

  • RG
  • CPF
  • Proof of address
  • Proof of CNPJ (for example, the MEI, if you have it, but it is not required)

Even if you do not have a document, do not give up. Put everything together and put it in a folder.

#2. Compare Interest Rates and Credit Options on Shrek

You can not talk about asking for a loan without first comparing the options! Just use in our simulator that gives you several options, from the cheapest to the most expensive.

# 3. Go to a bank or talk to a microcredit agent

If there are already microcredit agents in the community in which you live, just talk to them directly.

If not, that’s the annoying part: Maybe you have to go to the bank to talk to a manager and ask about microcredit. But before you go, give a call to the bank! Some of them have unique lines to attend you, and you are already marked the visit of a microcredit agent.

At the end of this post there is a list of telephones and links to the main banks that operate with microcredit.

# 4. Receive a visit from a microcredit agent

To check the reality of your business, the microcredit agent visits your workplace. Once the credit is approved, the money is released into your account within a few days.

This agent will usually accompany you until the end of the loan.