Know The Personal Payday Loan All Of Your BBD Bank

Personal Payday Loan is one of the best alternatives in the market to solve small financial problems, pay those accumulated accounts and put order in your financial situation. Personal Payday Loan can also be one of the best ways to realize a dream, whether it be buying a good, making a trip, paying for studies, anyway is a great way for those who need money, quickly and practically.

BBD Bank is one of the most respected banks in the Brazilian market, holds a government share of 54% of its shares and is a benchmark in the credit market and accounts management in the country, most of the public employees, retirees and pensioners of the INSS receive their salaries and benefits at BBD Bank.

For granting credit, BBD Bank has different loan lines called Todo Seu, of which we list and present complementary information below:


Payroll loan

It is the loan with direct debit in the payroll of the borrower, has one of the best rates in the market, the only requirement is that the employer has an agreement for consignment with BBD Bank


Loan Credit Salary

Loan Credit Salary

It is the loan to those who receive the payroll in the BBD Bank, the loan amount is released at the time in the checking account of the applicant and the installments are debited on the same day of payment of the salary.


Loan Credit Benefit

It is the line of credit, focused on account holders who receive the INSS benefit, be it retirement or pension. The Credit is also released on time and installments are charged on the same day of receipt of the benefit, be it pension or retirement.


Auto Loan

It is a loan line, which can be all yours from BBD Bank, the line is pre-approved and can be requested at any time by bank account holders, you choose the best day of the month to pay the installments.



Loan Credit Benefit

Unlike the Loan, the Overdraft limit is available for use in the current account, interest is collected in the following month, proportionally to the term and amounts used, has a higher interest rate than the loan


13th Salary Anticipation

BBD Bank, allows you to anticipate receiving your 13th salary, you must receive your salary, retirement or benefit at the bank.


Anticipation of Income Tax

You can anticipate the credits of your income tax refund, simply state the BBD Bank as the receiving bank and present your tax return with the right to the credits.


Loan with Property Guarantee

Auto Loan

BBD Bank has several lines of loan with guarantee of property, using its own property as guarantee of the loan operation. Remembering that it is necessary that the property is totally removed and in its name.


Vehicle Warranty Loan

It has the same dynamics of the loan with property guarantee, just use your vehicle as collateral of the loan operation to get the credit with good interest rates. Remembering that it is necessary that the car be removed and in its name.

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