History Of The Loan

The trade in the ancient world developed very quickly – with the introduction of the first transport options. Shortly after the idea that people could trade with each other, another idea came up. Namely, to lend a certain amount of money or thing, the borrower promising to repay it later.


Babylonians and Assyrians: very first known loans


The very first known loans were between Babylonians and Assyrians in about 1300 BC. Shortly afterwards, other people living in the Mediterranean, such as Phoenicians, Greeks, Romans and Carthaginians, started to use the credit. At the beginning of our era, the vast area of ​​the Roman Empire quickly helped develop the credit business.

After the collapse of the Roman Empire, the loans were very widely used, because at that time there were a lot of territories through which the money was not a safe decision. Therefore, it was easier to make different types of payments with loans and badges. In the Middle Ages (around 500 to 1500), lending was an essential part of the wealth of cities and cities across Italy. At that time, no trade without loans was conceivable. Borrowers or lenders could be found in any part of the community – both poor and rich. It has been claimed that such transactions have involved even the Pope of Rome and other senior members of the Christian Church. In the Middle Ages there were various forms of credit.


What is “Sea Loans”?

What is "Sea Loans"?

One of them was ” sea loans ”, where a capitalist, or a big money owner, issued a certain amount of money to merchants. If the trip with the ship and the trade was successful, the capitalist could make a significant profit. However, there was a risk that the ship would disappear and that all the money invested would be lost. The spread of credit on the American continent has made a major contribution to credit development. The first case of credit was related to English colonization in the early 17th century. Mayflower’s trip from England to the now-known Plymouth city in Massachusetts was a great achievement, but the cost of the trip was very high. The pilgrims who went on this trip were looking for funding for the trip for 3 years. A wealthy merchant in London agreed to pay the money provided, provided that pilgrims will have to work for 7 years to pay for that money. After several times the agreed time limit, the loan was paid after 25 years. In 1783, when the US War of Independence ended, trade between the new US and Europe could recover.

Loan issuers also continued to operate legally. The maturity of the loans at this time was from 6 to 24 months. There were also exceptional cases in which they were repaid for a much longer period. In the 19th century, loan repayment terms were very well reflected in the rapidly growing economy. The 12-month maturity was one of the most popular, but in 1830 the average maturity of the loan was only 6 months. The financial crisis of 1837 in the US due to the centralized banking system and various other errors was a stepping stone for credit agencies. A couple of them developed and are also present today. Credit can be defined as a loan for a certain period of time.


Its origins lie in a very ancient past.

Its origins lie in a very ancient past.

This business has been occurring at different times, and all layers of society have been part of it. The credit industry is an important part of the economies of several countries and has directly affected a number of important financial developments. In spite of all this, the nature of credit has never changed, because people have had and will most likely need the money to get the coveted property as soon as possible or to achieve their goal.




Housing savings or Home loan is a better solution?

At the end of 2017, two types of state-supported housing self-care were available. The question arises as to which is the better solution (housing savings or Home Loan is better), which one should be worth investing in? Housing savings are already known, while the National Housing Community (Home Loan) is one ( old ) a new concept for the Hungarian market. The ultimate goal of both products is to bring customers to their homes with state support! In this article we look at why you should choose!

Both contracts are covered by state aid of 30%. The upper limit of the grant per contract is HUF 72,000 for LTP and HUF 300,000 for Home Loan.

What is Home Loan?

Home Loan

It was officially an English co-operative (with strong South American references), and it is a treacherous homeowner . The essence of this is that an organizing company (currently only Central Home Loan zrt. Can do such an activity) creates a community community of Home Loan with at least 120 people, where members are interested in the same preferential property.

Members can save on the same monthly commitment and optional ad-hoc payments . As soon as the community accumulates payments (minus the organizer’s reward) for the purchase of the apartment, they will draw an apartment among the members. The draw is preferred by the member who has made the most extra payments (first in Hungary, the member who has paid more for the community).

What kind of apartments can you buy?


Minimum of 10, maximum 15 years per month for members to deposit into the community’s cashier. Pre-named, between $ 10 and $ 40 million, will add new homes to community members. Due to the nature of the draw, there will be a member who will be living in the apartment after 15 years if the community still has a cover.



From the official calculation, it turns out to us …

  1. 26,000 / 166,666 = 15.6% of the monthly payment for a 15-year term
  2. The total deposit is higher than the contract value! With a 10-year maturity, we get less than 120,000 forints
  3. State aid is completely wasted by the state


The Home Loan is only available to members if they can get home as soon as possible. Beyond a critical point, the late home dwellers cause a loss.


Housing savings or Home Loan is better?

Housing savings or Home Loan is better?

It was at the very beginning that state aid was 30-30%, but the maximum amount per contract was 300,000 at Home Loan, 72,000 at home. However, the focus is on permeability per contract . While it is not possible to reproduce the contract in the case of Home Loan, we can also involve our family members in the case of LTP .

How much to pay?

How much to pay?

The 300,000 HUF state subsidy can be obtained in the case of housing savings with a contract with a maximum of 4.1 (HUF 20,000 per month). This number assumes 5 housing contracts, which we can get out of 5 × 72 000 HUF, ie 360 ​​000 HUF.

The advantage of the Home Loan is lost if we have a possibility to sign a contract for a minimum of 5 dwellings. If this is not possible, then Home Loan may be of interest from the point of view of state support, as a contractor can receive HUF 300,000 if he makes payments (HUF 1,000,000 / year).


We can see that for an Home Loan contract the annual amount of HUF 1,000,000 can be met smoothly, as the expected monthly fee in the calculation was HUF 276,000 (HUF 3.3M / year). The other question is that most customers cannot release such a monthly amount while paying for their current home.



Home Loan can only be used to buy a new property, while LTP can be used to buy new, used real estate, upgrade, upgrade, renovate and repay home loans. This is an extremely important factor, as in the case of housing savings, we are given the opportunity to change our goal on the move if we do not find a suitable new building.

It is not sure that when the group picks up our name, we will find suitable new property with the help of Home Loan. In fact, we sign a fixed payout price with the organizer, which also means that we have a framework for financing purchases from our own resources or from additional loans. I’m writing another credit because, regardless of when we get the property, the group will have to pay the monthly installments until the end of the term.

After the crisis, the Hungarian real estate market has been stagnating for years, but from 2014 onwards, an upswing has begun, which is still persistent. On the national average, based on the data of the HCSO, compared to the 2010 levels, we used 15% in the case of used dwellings and 22% in the case of new dwellings in mid- 2016. – writes the bank monitor.

Taking into account regional differences, we can say that, for example, in Budapest at present, there is an over-demand for new homes, which, combined with many other factors, meant brutal price increases. For example, a newly built 110 sqm Budapest agglomeration semi-detached house was available in 2014 for around $ 30 million, and now has to pay between $ 40 and $ 50 million.


In the case of Home Loan, the question arises whether in this case we could pay for the Home Loan community for an additional year (until the expiration) of HUF 166,666 (example), with the addition of an additional loan of HUF 10-15 million. monthly repayments may be more than 100,000 forints. Could we be credited at all with our income?


Minimum term: 10 years for Home Loan, 4 years for home savings. As long as we have the option to reduce payments at the homeowner contract, change the maturity, Home Loan can be reduced by strict rules, and it is impossible to pause payments . It is possible to get out of Home Loan at the earliest 10 years when we get the money back from our money without state support:

We get 26,000 x 120 = 3,120,000 forints less than the amount paid

We also lose state support in the case of housing savings, but we can immediately get our full payment. In the worst case scenario, this amount may be reduced by a 1% account opening fee in case you have used an action that has not been met. Our maximum loss per contract is when we have concluded a 10-year contract, but after 4 years we cancel the contract:

What Can I Deduct From Taxes } Annual Declaration


15 Nov What concept is tax deductible for the SAT?


15 Nov  What concept is tax deductible for the SAT?


As a taxpayer within the Tax Administration System (SAT), each year you must present your annual declaration to comply with the obligation to contribute to the public expenditure of the country. Well, according to the amount of income you get and declare before the tax authority, the total amount of taxes you must pay is calculated. However, there is the possibility that you receive a favorable balance in this process through some tax deductible concept. That is, certain specific expenses that you can check and that are considered to be discounted from the taxes to be paid to the SAT.

But it is precisely that when wanting to deduct taxes, many people still have doubts about what can result as a balance in favor and what not; Well, according to the type of taxpayer you are the concepts to be deducted are different. In addition, the way you check these expenses also influences to proceed. Therefore, you can find out below what you can integrate into your annual statement as a tax deductible and some important points to correctly carry out the entire process.

Physical persons


Physical persons


If you are a natural person there are certain expenses that are tax deductible, on the one hand there are those that are personal and on the other those that are related to the economic activity that you perform.

For health concept

According to what dictates the SAT, you can deduct the following health concepts if they were specifically for you or your direct relatives, that is, your spouse, partner, your parents, grandparents, children or grandchildren.

  • Payment of fees to doctors, dentists, psychologists and nutritionists that you require, as long as the professionals who provided these services have a professional title issued and registered.
  • Hospital expenses and medicines that are included in the same hospital bill.
  • Nurses’ fees, analysis and clinical studies to assess health.
  • Purchase of prostheses or devices for rehabilitation after an event.
  • Insurance premiums for medical expenses that supplement or are independent of public social security institutions.


For education concept

Tuition payments from private education institutions from preschool through high school are tax deductible. As long as these institutions have official validity of studies and the amount is consistent with the annual deductible limits defined by the SAT:

  • Preschool: 14,200 pesos.
  • Primary: 12,900 pesos.
  • Secondary: 19,900 pesos.
  • Baccalaureate: 24,500 pesos

In the same way if the school transport is mandatory you can include it in the deduction.

Some others

Additional to the previous personal expenses there are others such as funeral expenses, mortgage mortgage interest, donations to authorized institutions and contributions of retirement plans.


Physical person with business


 Physical person with business


If you are the type of taxpayer registered under a natural person with business activity, in addition to those mentioned for natural persons, you can include the necessary expenses to be able to carry out your profession or economic activity. For example, if you are a dentist and to be able to provide your services, you spend money on the purchase of tools, furniture, appliances, among others; They are concepts are tax deductible. As you can realize at this point the tax deductions are strictly related to the economic activity you do.


Moral people

 Moral people


As for the legal entities that wish to carry out the tax deduction, the permitted concepts are related to the expenses and investments they make for the business to operate.

  • Expenses of purchase of merchandise with respect to economic activity.
  • Discounts, refunds or bonuses in the final price given to the customer.
  • Investments as shares, fixed assets or securities.
  • Bad loans and losses due to force majeure.
  • Payments made with respect to the Mexican Institute of Social Security as well as Unemployment Insurance
  • Contributions made for the creation of pension fund reserves or employee retirements.


Process to deduce


 Process to deduce

The proper process to request the deduction of taxes within the annual statement, has some limitations. Same that are important to know so you can present the appropriate documents and proceed with the review.

# 1 Submit invoice

The first point is that all expenses for deduction must be verified by issuing the respective invoice or receipt that complies with the requirements that the SAT has established for it, since a purchase note is not a valid receipt. It is also important to emphasize that the voucher must be in the name of the relevant taxpayer.

# 2 Do not exceed the amount established by the SAT

For deductions of personal expenses that individuals have, the limitation is that the amount to be deducted can not exceed what is equivalent to 5 annual general minimum wages or 15% of the total income declared.

While for moral persons, it is also necessary that all expenses are presented by the respective invoice but that the payment has been made by electronic transfer, nominative check, credit / debit card or even electronic purse. As for the point of donations, these should not exceed 7% of the profit obtained in the previous fiscal year.

As you can see, the concepts that can be deducted are diverse and may result in a balance in favor of the total taxes that you must pay in your annual return. Remember to complete all your paperwork in time and form to avoid penalties by the Tax Administration System

Know The Personal Payday Loan All Of Your BBD Bank

Personal Payday Loan is one of the best alternatives in the market to solve small financial problems, pay those accumulated accounts and put order in your financial situation. Personal Payday Loan can also be one of the best ways to realize a dream, whether it be buying a good, making a trip, paying for studies, anyway is a great way for those who need money, quickly and practically.

BBD Bank is one of the most respected banks in the Brazilian market, holds a government share of 54% of its shares and is a benchmark in the credit market and accounts management in the country, most of the public employees, retirees and pensioners of the INSS receive their salaries and benefits at BBD Bank.

For granting credit, BBD Bank has different loan lines called Todo Seu, of which we list and present complementary information below:


Payroll loan

It is the loan with direct debit in the payroll of the borrower, has one of the best rates in the market, the only requirement is that the employer has an agreement for consignment with BBD Bank


Loan Credit Salary

Loan Credit Salary

It is the loan to those who receive the payroll in the BBD Bank, the loan amount is released at the time in the checking account of the applicant and the installments are debited on the same day of payment of the salary.


Loan Credit Benefit

It is the line of credit, focused on account holders who receive the INSS benefit, be it retirement or pension. The Credit is also released on time and installments are charged on the same day of receipt of the benefit, be it pension or retirement.


Auto Loan

It is a loan line, which can be all yours from BBD Bank, the line is pre-approved and can be requested at any time by bank account holders, you choose the best day of the month to pay the installments.



Loan Credit Benefit

Unlike the Loan, the Overdraft limit is available for use in the current account, interest is collected in the following month, proportionally to the term and amounts used, has a higher interest rate than the loan


13th Salary Anticipation

BBD Bank, allows you to anticipate receiving your 13th salary, you must receive your salary, retirement or benefit at the bank.


Anticipation of Income Tax

You can anticipate the credits of your income tax refund, simply state the BBD Bank as the receiving bank and present your tax return with the right to the credits.


Loan with Property Guarantee

Auto Loan

BBD Bank has several lines of loan with guarantee of property, using its own property as guarantee of the loan operation. Remembering that it is necessary that the property is totally removed and in its name.


Vehicle Warranty Loan

It has the same dynamics of the loan with property guarantee, just use your vehicle as collateral of the loan operation to get the credit with good interest rates. Remembering that it is necessary that the car be removed and in its name.